What is GNOSIS ? 

Definition, bases and foundations of Gnostic Knowledge. Objectives and Purposes of the Course

Personality, Essence and Ego 

Personality as a vehicle of expression. Our true inner nature and our psychological defects

The Awakening of the Conciousness 

How to awaken that wonderful faculty called conscience. The psychological dream in which we live

The Psychological Self

How to Discover, Comprehend and Eliminate Ego. The 7 Main Defects we have

Light, Heat and Sound 

The Mystery of this 3 Forces and their relation with the 3 forces of Divinity. How to work daily with these wonderfull energies

The Human Machine

Why Master call human body: the human machine? The 5 Centers of this machine and its energies

The World of Relationships

See What are the most important relationships and also how to succeed in life through them...

The Path and the Life 

2 Ways that appears on every human been life´s. How to advance equally in the extrenal and inner life...

The Level of Being 

We see through this lesson how to use wisely each circuntance in life for the Self knowledge and internal development

The Decalogue 

The most perfect code of Ethics known to Humanity. The Exoteric and Esoteric aspect of this 10 commandments

Fundamental Education

The SCIENCE of the CONSCIUSNESS. How to Educate positively and Consciussly to aur children and Re - educate our self

The Genealogical tree of Religions 

What are the most important Religion through the Mankind history. What are the religious Principles and Forms

Evolution, Involution and Revolution

Did you now that also exist the Law of Involution, not only Evolution...?
How to make an real and internal Revolution of the Consciusness...

The Ray of Death

Where do those who die go?

What is death?

The 3 judgments that are made to every person who dies?

Can we come back after Death?

Reencarnation, Return and Recurrence

How to transcend the Law of Recurrence that causes the events of previous existences to be mathematically repeated in our current existence...

The Balance of Justice 

What is Karma and how to transcend it.

The Law of Talion confused with Karma and how to stop being conditioned by these mechanical Laws of Nature...

And 7 more Lectures to be developed ...